Important Update

Covid-19 Management Plan

Dear Valued Customer, MPS would like to advise you of actions we have put in place to help combat the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Our three TGA licenced manufacturing facilities always operate using aseptic processes.
  • We are training additional staff to ensure continual customer supply during possible periods of increased absenteeism across any of the three facilities. Further, MPS has the capability to rapidly adjust the production load between the manufacturing facilities if this was ever required.
  • We have commenced increasing our medication safety stock levels. As part of the Sigma Healthcare group, we will have access to the emergency medication supply chain if the need eventuates. We have significantly increased our DAA consumable holdings to allow for delayed quarantine periods for materials sourced from overseas. At this time, increasing our stock holding is a precautionary measure, as current information indicates no expected disruptions to our current supply chain.

MPS will monitor all available information regarding Coronavirus and continue to assess the actions we have instigated. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns regarding continuity of supply.



Order Increases

Dear Valued MPS Customer

As per our recently distributed Covid-19 Management Plan, we have been working hard to prepare for any impact the Covid-19 pandemic may bring, to ensure on going supply to all MPS customers.   

We have started to receive an influx of advanced orders outside of the usual scheduled ordering pattern of our current customers. We understand there is uncertainty in the community and the desire to increase orders, however we are unfortunately unable to process such advanced orders at this time. It is our priority that all our current customers receive an ongoing supply of medication throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. Our medication supply is currently in line with our current customer scheduled forecast, however if we suddenly receive significant increases in order volumes then this jeopardises ongoing supply.

We greatly appreciate your ongoing support during this Covid-19 pandemic and we ask for your understanding in continuing your previously established ordering pattern.

Please call MPS Customer Service on 1800 003 938 if you have any questions.


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